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Virtual Assistant

Scaffold Enterprises offers top-notch Virtual Assistant Services tailored to the unique needs of early childhood educators. Our virtual assistants expertly handle various administrative tasks, from call management and message handling to appointment scheduling and tour coordination. With a dedicated number, seamlessly forward calls during scheduled hours, allowing our team to provide professional and efficient assistance. Beyond standard virtual support, we specialize in enrollment assistance, ensuring a smooth onboarding process, and CACFP coordination to simplify compliance with nutritional programs. Our customizable services allow educators to focus on what truly matters – providing quality education – while we take care of the administrative details. Choose Scaffold Enterprises for reliable, personalized, and efficient virtual assistance that goes beyond the ordinary.

Administrative Tasks

Our virtual assistant is dedicated to managing various administrative tasks, such as organizing documents, handling data entry, and managing calendars. From scheduling meetings to overseeing correspondence, we guarantee the seamless operation of administrative functions within your childcare center. By also taking charge of managing your childcare CRM system, we aim to provide comprehensive support, enabling educators to concentrate on their primary responsibilities.

Monthly Newsletters

Keep parents informed and engaged with captivating monthly newsletters. Our virtual assistant can curate content, highlight key events, and share important updates about the childcare center. This regular communication strengthens the sense of community and involvement.

Supply Management & Ordering

Ensure a well-equipped learning environment by assigning our virtual assistant to manage supplies. This involves keeping track of inventory levels, identifying needed materials, and placing orders. This proactive approach ensures that educators have the necessary tools to provide quality education.

Weekly Tuition & Billing

Optimize financial operations by entrusting our virtual assistant with the responsibility of handling weekly tuition billing. From generating invoices to tracking payments, we ensure accurate and timely billing, providing transparency for both the childcare center and parents.

Curriculum Specialist

Leverage the expertise of our virtual assistant in curriculum development. Whether it's researching and implementing educational best practices or assisting with lesson planning, we contribute to the creation of a well-rounded and engaging curriculum tailored to the needs of young learners.

Human Resources

Discover streamlined and efficient Human Resources support with Scaffold Enterprises. Our virtual assistant seamlessly handles crucial HR functions, including payroll processing to ensure timely and accurate compensation, benefits administration for comprehensive employee well-being, and disciplinary procedures to maintain a harmonious workplace. During onboarding, our expert assistance ensures a smooth integration for new hires, setting the stage for a positive and informed work experience. With Scaffold Enterprises, your childcare center can trust in meticulous HR management, allowing your team to focus on fostering a nurturing environment for both staff and the children in your care.

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