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Enrollment Coordinator

At Scaffold Enterprises, our Enrollment Coordinator Services are designed to simplify your enrollment process with automated systems and well-maintained records.  We will conduct virtual tours, conduct parent orientations, make sure all forms are turned in before the student can start

Inquiry Handling

  • Respond promptly to inquiries from prospective families interested in childcare services.

  • Provide information about the childcare facility, programs, and enrollment procedures.

Availability Management

  • Keep track of available spaces in different age groups or programs.

  • Inform families about current availability and waiting lists, if applicable.

Virtual Parent Orientation

Orientation and Welcome:

  • Organize orientation sessions for new families to familiarize them with the facility, staff, policies, and daily routines.

Enrollment Processing

  • Collect necessary documentation from families, including enrollment forms, medical records, emergency contacts, and any special considerations for the child.

  • Manage the enrollment process, including reviewing and processing applications and required documentation.

  • Coordinate with other staff members to ensure a smooth transition for enrolled children.

Follow up Communication

  • Implement a system for regular follow-up communication with prospective families who have received information or quotes.

  • Address any questions or concerns and offer additional support.

Voicemail Service

At Scaffold Enterprises, our voicemail checking service is designed to simplify and streamline communication for educators. Our team ensures that voicemail boxes are regularly monitored, and messages are promptly retrieved. With attention to detail, we provide clear summaries of messages, allowing educators to stay informed and responsive. This service not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that important communications are handled promptly, contributing to a seamless workflow in your educational environment.

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