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Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Scaffold's Virtual Assistant Services for educators handle calls, messages, appointments, and specialized tasks like enrollment assistance and CACFP coordination. Enjoy reliable and personalized support, allowing educators to focus on quality education while we manage administrative details.

Administrative Tasks

Our dedicated virtual assistant efficiently manages administrative tasks, from document organization to data entry and calendar coordination. With expertise in handling childcare CRM systems, we provide seamless support, enabling educators to focus on their primary responsibilities.

Weekly Tuition & Billing

Optimize financial operations by entrusting our virtual assistant with the responsibility of handling weekly tuition billing. From generating invoices to tracking payments, we ensure accurate and timely billing, providing transparency for both the childcare center and parents.

Monthly Newsletters

Keep parents informed and engaged with captivating monthly newsletters. Our virtual assistant can curate content, highlight key events, and share important updates about the childcare center. This regular communication strengthens the sense of community and involvement.

Curriculum Specialist

Leverage the expertise of our virtual assistant in curriculum development. Whether it's researching and implementing educational best practices or assisting with lesson planning, we contribute to the creation of a well-rounded and engaging curriculum tailored to the needs of young learners.

Supply Management & Ordering

Ensure a well-equipped learning environment by assigning our virtual assistant to manage supplies. This involves keeping track of inventory levels, identifying needed materials, and placing orders. This proactive approach ensures that educators have the necessary tools to provide quality education.

Human Resources

Scaffold Enterprises streamlines HR support for childcare centers, managing payroll, benefits, and disciplinary procedures. Our virtual assistant ensures accuracy and a harmonious workplace. Expert onboarding assistance sets the stage for a positive work experience, allowing your team to focus on creating a nurturing environment for staff and children.

Virtual Receptonist

Virtual Receptionist

Scaffold's Virtual Receptionist: Effortlessly forward calls, professional handling of inquiries, and expert tour scheduling for streamlined communication. Focus on nurturing your educational environment while we manage your calls.

Call Management

Our virtual receptionists handle calls professionally, providing information, directing calls, and taking messages for seamless communication.

Appointment Scheduling

Efficiently streamline your scheduling with our virtual receptionists. We manage appointments, maintaining an organized calendar for easy booking and adjustments, contributing to a seamless workflow.

Information Dissemination

Our virtual receptionists excel in sharing key information about your services, hours, and more, ensuring a positive caller experience with accurate details.

Message Handling

Never miss a message again. Our virtual receptionists take accurate, detailed messages and promptly forward them, ensuring timely delivery for enhanced responsiveness.

Tour Scheduling

Scaffold's Tour Scheduling Service ensures a seamless experience, handling everything from school information to tour coordination. Our dedicated team prioritizes professionalism, leaving a positive impression on prospective families.

Voicemail Service

Scaffold's Voicemail Checking ensures educators' messages are monitored and summarized, enhancing efficiency for a seamless workflow in your educational environment.

Enrollment Coordinator

Enrollment Coordinator

At Scaffold Enterprises, our Enrollment Coordinator Services are designed to simplify your enrollment process with automated systems and well-maintained records.  We will conduct virtual tours, conduct parent orientations, make sure all forms are turned in before the student can start.

Inquiry Handling

  • Respond promptly to inquiries from prospective families interested in childcare services.

  • Provide information about the childcare facility, programs, and enrollment procedures.

Enrollment Processing

  • Collect essential documents: enrollment forms, medical records, emergency contacts, and special considerations.

  • Manage enrollment: Review and process applications for a seamless process.

  • Coordinate with staff: Collaborate for a smooth transition for enrolled children.

Availability Management

  • Keep track of available spaces in different age groups or programs.

  • Inform families about current availability and waiting lists, if applicable.

Virtual Parent Orientation

Orientation and Welcome:

  • Organize orientation sessions for new families to familiarize them with the facility, staff, policies, and daily routines.

Follow up Communication

  • Implement a system for regular follow-up communication with prospective families who have received information or quotes.

  • Address any questions or concerns and offer additional support.

Childcare Advising

Childcare Advising

At Scaffold Enterprises, our Childcare Advising services offer expert guidance to help your center thrive from start-up to daily operations.

Strategic Planning

  • Collaborate with childcare owners to develop strategic plans for the facility's growth and improvement.

  • Provide insights and recommendations based on market trends, regulatory changes, and community needs.

Program Development

  • Collaborate with childcare owners to enhance and diversify childcare programs.

  • Provide input on curriculum development, educational philosophies, and age-appropriate activities.

Training & Professional Development

  • Facilitate training sessions for childcare staff on best practices, child development, and safety protocols.

  • Advise childcare owners on opportunities for professional development to enhance staff skills and qualifications.

Conflict Resolution

  • Act as a mediator in resolving conflicts or challenges that may arise between childcare owners, staff, and families.

  • Promote open communication and problem-solving to maintain a positive working environment.

Community Engagement

  • Foster positive relationships with the local community and key stakeholders.

  • Represent the childcare facility at community events and engage with families to build a strong community presence.

Market Research

  • Conduct market research to stay informed about industry trends, competitor offerings, and evolving parental preferences.

  • Provide childcare owners with data-driven insights to inform decision-making.

1st Aid/CPR Training

1st AID/CPR Training

Scaffold Enterprises offers comprehensive 1st Aid/CPR services, specializing in Pediatric and Adult training, Babysitting essentials, and Basic Life Support (BLS). Our expert instructors equip educators with practical skills, ensuring readiness to respond effectively in emergencies.

Adult & Pediatrics 1st AID/CPR/AED

Scaffold Enterprises provides hands-on 1st Aid/CPR/AED training for pediatric and adult emergencies. Expert instructors ensure proficiency, promoting a safer environment with a focus on practical application and up-to-date protocols.

Adult & Pediatric 1st AID/CPR/AED Hybrid

Scaffold Enterprises offers a hybrid 1st Aid/CPR/AED training. Participants start with online theory, then transition to hands-on sessions with expert instructors, optimizing time and ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Babysitting Course

Scaffold's Babysitting Course integrates essential CPR training for aspiring babysitters. With hands-on instruction tailored to pediatric needs, participants gain confidence and competence in handling critical situations, becoming trusted guardians.

First AID

Scaffold's First Aid course equips individuals with essential life-saving skills. Led by experienced instructors, this comprehensive training covers wound care, injury assessment, and prompt intervention through practical scenarios. Join us in fostering a safer community.


Scaffold's BLS course enhances emergency response skills for healthcare professionals. Covering adult and pediatric CPR, AED usage, and advanced airway management, this hands-on training ensures proficiency and confidence in life-saving situations. Preparedness meets professionalism with Scaffold's BLS course.

Trainer Course

Scaffold's Trainer Course empowers leaders in First Aid and CPR training. Led by seasoned instructors, this program goes beyond basics, equipping individuals with teaching skills and confidence to inspire others. Join us in creating prepared communities.

CACFP Coordinator

CACFP Coordinator

At Scaffold Enterprises, our CACFP Coordinator service simplifies nutrition program complexities for childcare providers. Our dedicated experts ensure compliance, manage reimbursement paperwork, and offer guidance on nutrition standards. Streamlining administrative tasks, we empower educators to focus on nurturing young minds while maximizing benefits for early childhood education programs.

Program Enrollment Assistance

Our CACFP services include comprehensive support for program enrollment, guiding childcare providers through the application process to ensure a smooth and efficient entry into the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Meal Planning

Scaffold Enterprises offers expertise in creating balanced and nutritious meal plans that comply with CACFP guidelines

Documentation & Record Keeping

Ensure compliance with CACFP regulations through our meticulous documentation and recordkeeping services. We assist in maintaining accurate records of meals served, attendance, and other essential documentation to meet program requirements.


Scaffold Enterprises provides tailored training and professional development opportunities for childcare providers participating in CACFP. Stay updated on program requirements, nutrition education, and best practices to enhance the quality of meal services.

Menu Review & Compliance Audits

Our services include regular menu reviews and compliance audits to ensure that meal plans align with CACFP nutritional standards. This proactive approach helps providers maintain compliance and optimize program benefits.

Continuous Program Monitoring & Support

Receive ongoing support and monitoring to address any emerging needs or changes in CACFP regulations. Scaffold Enterprises is committed to providing continuous assistance, ensuring that childcare providers navigate the program seamlessly while offering nutritious meals to the children in their care.

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Priscillia okwuosa
''First Aid and CPR training was great, i enjoyed it .''
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