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Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptonist

Scaffold's Virtual Receptionist: Effortlessly forward calls, professional handling of inquiries, and expert tour scheduling for streamlined communication. Focus on nurturing your educational environment while we manage your calls.

Call Management

Our virtual receptionists handle calls professionally, providing information, directing calls, and taking messages for seamless communication.

Appointment Scheduling

Efficiently streamline your scheduling with our virtual receptionists. We manage appointments, maintaining an organized calendar for easy booking and adjustments, contributing to a seamless workflow.

Information Dissemination

Our virtual receptionists excel in sharing key information about your services, hours, and more, ensuring a positive caller experience with accurate details.

Message Handling

Never miss a message again. Our virtual receptionists take accurate, detailed messages and promptly forward them, ensuring timely delivery for enhanced responsiveness.

Tour Scheduling

Scaffold's Tour Scheduling Service ensures a seamless experience, handling everything from school information to tour coordination. Our dedicated team prioritizes professionalism, leaving a positive impression on prospective families.

Voicemail Service

Scaffold's Voicemail Checking ensures educators' messages are monitored and summarized, enhancing efficiency for a seamless workflow in your educational environment.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Scaffold's Virtual Assistant Services for educators handle calls, messages, appointments, and specialized tasks like enrollment assistance and CACFP coordination. Enjoy reliable and personalized support, allowing educators to focus on quality education while we manage administrative details.

Administrative Tasks

Our dedicated virtual assistant efficiently manages administrative tasks, from document organization to data entry and calendar coordination. With expertise in handling childcare CRM systems, we provide seamless support, enabling educators to focus on their primary responsibilities.

Weekly Tuition & Billing

Optimize financial operations by entrusting our virtual assistant with the responsibility of handling weekly tuition billing. From generating invoices to tracking payments, we ensure accurate and timely billing, providing transparency for both the childcare center and parents.

Monthly Newsletters

Keep parents informed and engaged with captivating monthly newsletters. Our virtual assistant can curate content, highlight key events, and share important updates about the childcare center. This regular communication strengthens the sense of community and involvement.

Curriculum Specialist

Leverage the expertise of our virtual assistant in curriculum development. Whether it's researching and implementing educational best practices or assisting with lesson planning, we contribute to the creation of a well-rounded and engaging curriculum tailored to the needs of young learners.

Supply Management & Ordering

Ensure a well-equipped learning environment by assigning our virtual assistant to manage supplies. This involves keeping track of inventory levels, identifying needed materials, and placing orders. This proactive approach ensures that educators have the necessary tools to provide quality education.

Human Resources

Scaffold Enterprises streamlines HR support for childcare centers, managing payroll, benefits, and disciplinary procedures. Our virtual assistant ensures accuracy and a harmonious workplace. Expert onboarding assistance sets the stage for a positive work experience, allowing your team to focus on creating a nurturing environment for staff and children.

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