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1st AID/CPR Training

At Scaffold Enterprises, our comprehensive 1st Aid/CPR services extend across various crucial areas, ensuring a safe and prepared environment. Our expert instructors provide specialized training in Pediatric and Adult First Aid/CPR, equipping educators and staff with the skills needed to respond effectively in emergency situations. We also offer tailored training for Babysitting, providing essential knowledge for responsible childcare. Additionally, our services include Basic Life Support (BLS) training, ensuring that educators are well-prepared to handle life-threatening situations. With a focus on practical skills and up-to-date guidelines, our 1st Aid/CPR services empower individuals with the confidence and competence to safeguard the well-being of those under their care.

Adult & Pediatrics 1st AID/CPR/AED

Scaffold Enterprises offers comprehensive 1st Aid/CPR/AED training designed to empower individuals with life-saving skills. Our expert instructors provide hands-on, scenario-based training for responding to emergencies in both pediatric and adult settings. Participants gain proficiency in administering first aid, performing CPR, and effectively using automated external defibrillators (AED). This training equips individuals with the confidence and knowledge to act decisively in critical situations, fostering a safer environment for both educators and those in their care. With a focus on practical application and up-to-date protocols, our 1st Aid/CPR/AED training ensures readiness to respond effectively to unforeseen emergencies.

Babysitting Course

Scaffold Enterprises introduces a specialized Babysitting Course with an emphasis on CPR training, equipping aspiring babysitters with crucial life-saving skills. This course goes beyond conventional babysitting education by integrating hands-on CPR instruction tailored to pediatric needs. Participants will learn age-appropriate techniques for administering CPR in emergency situations, ensuring they are well-prepared to respond effectively to unforeseen incidents. Our expert instructors guide individuals through practical scenarios, fostering confidence and competence in providing emergency care. With this Babysitting Course for CPR, participants not only gain valuable childcare knowledge but also become trusted guardians capable of handling critical situations with poise and skill.

First AID

Discover the essentials of life-saving care with Scaffold Enterprises' First Aid course. Tailored for individuals seeking foundational knowledge in emergency response, this comprehensive training covers vital skills such as wound care, injury assessment, and prompt intervention. Led by experienced instructors, participants engage in practical scenarios, gaining hands-on experience in administering crucial first aid measures. Whether you're a caregiver, educator, or simply someone eager to make a difference, our First Aid course equips you with the skills needed to respond effectively in various emergencies. Join us in fostering a safer and more prepared community through Scaffold Enterprises' First Aid training.

Adult & Pediatric 1st AID/CPR/AED Hybrid

Scaffold Enterprises introduces a hybrid version of our 1st Aid/CPR/AED training, offering participants a dynamic and flexible learning experience. Prior to the instructor-led session, participants engage in a self-paced online module, covering essential theoretical aspects. Upon the instructor's arrival, the session transitions into a hands-on, interactive environment, emphasizing practical skills like compression techniques. This innovative approach optimizes both time and efficacy, ensuring participants arrive well-prepared to delve into the practical components of the training. It's a blended learning model that combines the convenience of online education with the invaluable hands-on experience facilitated by our expert instructors, creating a comprehensive and efficient training solution.


Scaffold Enterprises proudly presents our Basic Life Support (BLS) course, a comprehensive training program designed for individuals seeking to enhance their emergency response skills. Tailored for healthcare providers and professionals, our BLS course covers critical aspects such as adult and pediatric CPR, AED usage, and advanced airway management. Participants will engage in hands-on sessions guided by expert instructors, ensuring proficiency in high-quality CPR and swift response to life-threatening situations. With a focus on real-world scenarios and the latest guidelines, our BLS course equips individuals with the knowledge and confidence to make a difference in emergency medical situations. Elevate your life-saving capabilities with Scaffold Enterprises' BLS course, where preparedness meets professionalism.

Trainer Course

Embark on a transformative journey with Scaffold Enterprises' Trainer Course, where we empower individuals to become adept instructors in First Aid, CPR, and more. Our comprehensive program goes beyond basic training, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively teach and inspire others. Led by seasoned trainers, this course covers instructional methodologies, adult learning principles, and hands-on teaching techniques. Participants will engage in interactive sessions, honing their presentation skills and fostering confidence in delivering life-saving training. With Scaffold Enterprises' Trainer Course, we are not just shaping trainers; we are cultivating leaders who can impart essential skills, creating a ripple effect of preparedness in their communities.

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