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Welcome to Scaffold Enterprises
A Dedicated Virtual Assistance Firm for Early Childhood Educators.


How I Can Help You?

Hello, early childcare owners!

We get it—running a childcare center comes with its own set of unique challenges. That's where Scaffold Enterprises steps in. We satisfy our childcare needs from specialized Childcare Consulting to 1st Aid/CPR Training for your staff, we're your one-stop-shop for all your childcare needs.


Our motto, "Empowering Childcare One Service at a Time" perfectly summarizes our mission.

We provide tailored services designed to free up your time and resources, letting you focus on what truly matters—the kids, nurturing the growth and development of their young minds.

Ready to elevate your childcare business to the next level? Let's connect today!

Increase your productivity, grow your business and keep your focus on what you love and do best.

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